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Every now and then, somewhere in the world, comes along a voice that can knock down walls. An effortless mix of power, control and timbre that blasts its way from the speakers straight into that glorious part of your soul where music lives. Dylan Mitchell, vocalist for Sydney four-piece Apollo Hooks, is such a voice. Building each track with a seamless mix of these powerhouse vocals and an impressively dexterous musical vocabulary, Apollo Hooks' debut album 'Whatever You Do, Don't' is set to introduce the band to the world loud and clear.

And what a band it is... the rhythm section of drummer Theo Henry and bassist Jordan Glass posses the coveted ability to stick to each other like superglue, even during the band's most complex songs; opening the space for guitarist Jules Wucherer to add the colour and velocity to each song with a masterful display of both musicianship and subtlety. Underneath the all-important vocal hooks of 'Whatever You Do Don’t' sits a behemoth of guitar, bass and drums.

In comparison to the grandness of their music, the back story of Apollo Hooks is unimportant. Formation was the usual story of friends and like-minded musicians coming together in the pursuit of greatness... the story of millions of bands worldwide since rock'n'roll began. It's the music that has always been the test of a band's greatness, and Apollo Hooks have taken no shortcuts in ensuring 'Whatever You Do Don’t' is a great record. By that yardstick alone, Apollo Hooks have already proven their ambition has not been unrewarded, and with a bright future of national and international touring on the horizon, the best of Apollo Hooks is still to come.

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